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Valerie Willis

I am currently enrolled at DeVry University in the Bachelor of Science in Gaming and Simulation Programming. My natural talents have been heavy in art and writing, but the idea of using these skills in conjunction to my need to be a problem solver (more importantly share) has led me to the Game Industry. My ultimate dream job would be earning the title of Creative Director and I look forward to the stepping stones, obstacles and experiences I will encounter on my journey to achieve this.

For now, I am looking to get my foot in the door as a Concept Artist, Programmer or Texturer. I bring a solid history of software and design skills backed by a strong force of self-motivation that can be very contagious.

As of present, you can find me at DeVry as a Student Worker doing my part to help others and hosting Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Workshops as well as one-on-one sessions on Friday afternoons. If I am not there, I am at home working on several personal projects involving game programming, art or writing. I like to keep busy!


I am developing concept art to Mashiyu Studios (Redmond, WA), fine tuning game projects written in XNA and aiming to complete a 100,000 word manuscript for my current novel, Cedric the Demonic Knight (At 54,937 as of 01/22/2013).


Ambitious does not even cover the devotion I have to my creativity!

2d art
3d art
game design
game development
project management
quality assurance
story and narrative


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