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Evan Kawa

I am a professional Level Designer and Game Designer. I am currently employed as a Lead Game Designer at GamesCafe in Calgary, and I am a recent graduate of the SMU Guildhall (Dallas, Texas).
I specialize in Game design and Level design, but I am also a competent programmer, specifically with c# and UnrealScript. I can do some decent 3d modeling with 3dsmax as well. Check out my portfolio if you would like to see some of my work.

Here are the skills and software I will have at my disposal for the GameJam:
-3DSMax 2009
-Modelling, texturing, and animation
-Photoshop CS2
-Basic image modification and texture creation
-C# (XNA)
-General Programming, Game logic
-Unreal Dev Kit (free download)
-Level editing, Unreal Script, Kismet, Matinee, just about everything to do with unreal...
-Torque X
-Unity3D 2.6
-Tortoise SVN (in case someone wants to try and set up source control...)

3d art
game design
game development
story and narrative


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