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Inan Evin

My name is Inan Evin and it has been approximately 5 years that I have been programming games. I was used to develop 2D Click Adventure games with AGS but 3 years ago I started 3D game development with Unity3D. I am also skilled in game design & development not only in programming. In 5 years, I had 7 completed 2D games and 3 completed 3D games. Also I have been developing a new 3D Action/Horror game with my friend in Unity3D. I really want to be a part of this project because participating in such organization is very helpful to a person to develop it's group working and time managing skills. And I also will be able to manage my skills in limited time with this project so it will be very helpful about my career in future.
Anyone who wants to have a look at my projects can visit my websites.

Haydutlar 1 = 2D Point Click Adventure
Haydutlar 2 = 2D Point Click Adventure
Haydutlar 3 = 2D Point Click Adventure
Haydutlar 4 = 2D Point Click Adventure

can be found in : www.haydutlarstd.wordpress.com

Kaboom Muhacir = 3D Action / Puzzle
Çılgın Güpler = 3D Action
FPS Denemelerim = 3D FPS - In development just to develop myself in FPS Controlling, not to have a completed FPS Project.
Deli Rahip = 3D Horror/Action-RPG

can be found in : http://haydutlaroyunstd.blogspot.com/

The projects which I participated in :

Soğuk Savaş = 3D FPS ( As a programmer )

Also I have been a part of Oyun Mutfağı : http://www.oyunmutfagi.blogspot.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/groups/321269275233/

And I participated in GGJ 2012 Turkey - Ankara METUTECH-ATOM
I have been developing my latest FPS project Last Resistance, can be found in : http://www.youtube.com/user/TprHaydutlarOyunStd

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