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Kevin Workman

I believe that programming is fun and can be fun for programmers of every skill level. I believe that independent developers don't have to be alone. I believe that writing code is just as much art as it is science and math. I believe that it should be easy to make your programs available to as many people as possible without worrying about deployment or web development. I believe that indie development has a lucrative future as more and more people are using independently developed applications on their mobile devices- a large portion of which run Java!

With these beliefs in mind, I've started to help indie game developers, or people who want to become indie game developers, come together to learn from each other, show off their games, and hopefully improve indie development in some small way.

We don't have the budgets of big game companies, so we spend a lot of time doing things that aren't actually programming- figuring out how to deploy a program, building a half-decent website, getting the word out.. all while trying to write code and create art!

At the very least, Static Void Games gives you an easy way to upload your Java, Processing, or Android game and have a decent-looking website around it without worrying about the gory details.

I'm hoping to use #1GAM, GGJ, and Ludum Dare to improve my own understanding of LibGDX as well as get into a schedule of creating at least one game and tutorial each month.

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