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Tyler Hadidon

Game Development

I am currently a senior in High School and ready to go off to college next year. I plan on attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and studding Computer Science or Software Engineering. Only being 17 years old, I have loads of experience in game programming for many different game engines. I have been helping a small studio named Ignition-Games for three years now (June 2007)(Due to NDA, I cannot give much information). I do most scripting and programming for the games using Torque 3D (see below). We have not publicly released a game, but we should have one soon! It is a modern flight simulator named Mach. We did start on two other FPS games, Heart of the Battle and another game *(NDA), however, these games were never finished due to funding. Now that Mach is almost done Uand ready to be sent out we have plans for an RTS *(NDA).

*(NDA) - Due to a signed NDA, I cannot release information about games that are not yet publicly known.


Like I have said, I have experience in programming. I know different scripting languages, along with basics in other programming languages. They include:

  • C++ (Basic)
  • Java (Basic)
  • Torque Script (Torque 3D and Torque Game Engine Advanced)
  • Call of Duty Script (All Call of Duty games [for PC])
  • Other scripting languages (AutoHotkey)

I hope that the Game Jam can strengthen my skills in programming!

Web Design

I have experience in web design as well. Anything that you need to make a website, I probably know. Though my actual design skills are not the best, I can take any layout and rearrange it to make it work. I do not have a website of my own at the moment, but I do manage a few websites by adding in modifications or plug-ins to help the site run smoother. The following is every language I know, client and server side:

Web Standards

  • XML
  • CSS

Client Scripting

  • JavaScript
  • AJAX

Server Scripting

  • PHP
  • CGI (modifications only)


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

My Websites

game design
game development
web design


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