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Patrick Hanchek

I've been playing video games for about as long as I can remember, mainly Nintendo systems, but since I grew out of the console-fanboy stage I've been enjoying PC and Playstation games as well.

I think my top 5 favorite games, in no particular order, would be
Wind Waker
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Street Fighter IV
Chrono Trigger

as for skills, I have a lot of experience with gamemaker, some with maya, and a basic understanding of c++ programming. I don't really like programming that much, I'd rather focus on the game design itself. I like to think I'm a passable artist and writer as well. I've also had some experience being a sort of producer, having led a few small projects.

2d art
3d art
game design
game development
project management
story and narrative


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