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Hey Everyone!

I am currently the Founder of Purple Monster Interactive, we are currently working on our first title, set to be released early March 2013! We are looking at in which ways to test certain limits and aspects of the mobile platforms, but also keeping them fun and entertaining.

As a Games Designer, there is aspects of video games that really appeal to me, for example like Multiplayer. These components really open up and provides a competitive edge when vsing one another or creating a collaboration of ideas and working as a team to get a better end result.

Environment, Level Design and Narrative is where I believe that the user/player gets the majority of enjoyment from, thus capturing and engrossing them to have the unique bond with main protagonist (The Main Character) and the world around the character. However, the mechanics are vital in the player to understand the game play and therefore if the mechanics do not work properly then the user/player will not get the unique bond between the world and the characters.

I have an understanding and some skill in C# coding in Unity3D, which helps me rapid prototype where ever I need to develop mechanics quick.

Indie Dev is on the utmost important thing in my life at the moment, it is the industry of Australia and is not changing in a hurry at this point, many more talented people are getting into this side of the field. Which I want to incorporate more then just puzzle orientated games and focus on making these portable devices a gaming device for a certain niche market.

game design
game development
project management
quality assurance
story and narrative


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