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Campbell Barton

From my blendernation profile
I Started out as a technical artist in 2003 and became involved in blender development to improve my own workflow by adding tools, fixing bugs and developing an exporter to develop an efficient Blender pipeline for large scenes.

Since then I have worked on a number of commercial simulation projects and more recently the peach open movie project "Big Buck Bunny" in Amsterdam as a technical director and developed the game logic for Apricot open game "YoFrankie".

Key features I have worked on include writing Autodesk FBX export, Wavefront OBJ import/export, BVH Motion capture import, X3D & VRML importers, Fly Mode, Lightmap UVPack, Smart Projections, box packing for uv unwrap.

I have also helped maintain the python api 3ds,lightwave import/export merged UV/Face select into editmode, improved Blender's linked library system, refactored the game engine's joystick support and made various additions to Blender's view navigation and video sequencer.

I'm interested in helping people use blender for specific workflows to meet their needs.

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