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Lorraine Hopping

Creative type. Science geek. Good with words, conceptual thinking, working cross-media.

By day (and often night), I'm a professional writer, author of books for teens/tweens (mostly nonfiction, some fiction), and game designer—primarily board and card games. In all, I've developed a dozen games from idea to store shelf (published by Aristoplay/Talicor: Mars 2020, Herd Your Horses, NOVA True Science) and hundreds of simple educational games to teach math, history, English language, etc. (mostly for Scholastic, a few independent). I've also written/designed (not programmed) some casual internet games for websites such as Grolier Encyclopedia.

Though I'm based in Ann Arbor, I travel to New York as much as I can (lived there in the 80s).

Why I'm here: I'm looking to expand my skills (especially digital), meet and work with collaborators, stretch my creative brain, find new tribes, create fun stuff that has an impact.

Prone to cat-like behavior, but I play (and work) well with others. Just don't call me "ma'am."

Find me at Twitter (@hoppingfun), Google+, etc. games@hoppingfun.com

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