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Matt Kelly

I began my professional games interest as a journalist, doing my share of reviews, interviews, and touching base with publishers for previews. Realising I was more interested in the behind the scenes nuts and bolts, I decided to move to games design and production. Prior to QANTM I had spent a year playing hobbyist level designer in Source and Unreal along with trigger scripting in their respective systems. At the time I also became fascinated with the immensely personal and complex interactions players can experience in non-linear gameplay, and is something a pursue in research and design to this day. Since coming to QANTM I’ve also found a growing interest in tight gameplay experiences that can be played in all kinds of situations, such as the mobile games explosion and App Store markets. I know my education in game development won’t end with QANTM, and after graduation I’m most likely going to be looking to join an existing studio to continue on with my learning. In the mean time I’ll be continuing on with my own projects in the Unity, learning C# and raising my understanding of quality game design.

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