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Susan Gold

Susan Gold joined the faculty of Full Sail University’s Graduate Program in May 2009. Professor Gold’s personal focus is on collaboration, which resulted in the Global Game Jam (GGJ), an experiment in creativity and innovation in game development. The 2010 GGJ had over 4300 participants who created over 900 games in one weekend based on a unifying single theme. Susan’s frequent conference talks and consistent outreach efforts has extended her passion for game education all over the world. Ms. Gold continues to work on new projects to bring innovation and collaborative practices to the classroom. Susan has been working on the Educate to Innovate initiative, STEM education projects and Mrs. Obama’s fight against childhood obesity in the Apps for Healthy Kids Campaign. Susan has orchestrated the Education Summit at GDC 2006-2010 and a contributor to Game Education Summit since it’s inception. Susan is an artist, teacher, and activist with a specialization in digital art, new media and videogames. Her experience is widely sought and she sits on numerous advisory boards throughout education and indie game development. Susan got her start and organizational skills as a community activist in Chicago. Her artwork and writing have been featured in numerous galleries, museums and publications.

I'm super excited about this year's GGJ and I look forward to playing all the great games.


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