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Erick Pombo

I'm a 26 year old information technologist with a lot creativity and a lot of experience playing videogames since i was 5, i'm very good at programming and everything concerning Videogame Design, including world, system, content design, game writing and level design, creating ideas and writing for programmers to understand what i'm asking in the code development cycle... I work as an indie developer for the ouya console.

Favourite tipes of games include RPGS, FPS, adventure games, puzzle, fighting games and some simulation games.

Some favourite titles that comes to me are: Breath of fire, final fantasy VI/VII/VIII/X/XII, Street fighter, mortal kombat, armored core, shin megami tensei titles, tekken, chrono trigger/cross, psy-ops, castlevania LOI/COD, Metroid, Super mario RPG, metal gear (ALL)...

I'm hoping to work in the strong videogame industry soon.

Languages: Spanish, English some Portuguese and i'm working on the german XD.

game design
game development
project management
web design


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