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Nathan Antony

Nathan Antony, a.k.a "Derris-Kharlan", is a musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. From a young age he has been composing short tunes and simple melodies on the piano at the encouragement of his family and peers. In high school, he graduated to directing the school's stage band, working in conjunction with fellow students and teachers to compose and realise music for a large ensemble. It is no surprise then that he is now 90% of the way through a Bachelor of Music (and a Bachelor of Commerce) from Monash Universitymajoring in Music Composition.


He is particularly well known in the chip music community, and has performed numerous shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and abroad in Chicago and New York. Notably, he performed at Australia's first chip music festival Blip Festival Australia in February 2012.


Having written for various ensembles of size and scope, in conjunction with a plethora of electronic composition, it is fair to say that he is an incredibly versatile musician that is capable of catering to the specific and varied needs of clients. He has a particular interest in writing music and designing sound for video games, but is open to all sorts of projects. Enquire below!



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