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Cristian Rafael Flores Shute

My main objective is to become a prestigious worldwide developer and work in the most prestigious game development companies in the world.

I'm always aware of new technology, new trends, new games of all types (mobile, PC, consoles), and also I am always researching and i challenging myself to keep improving my algorithmic level and professional development. I am also very concerned in order to spread my knowledge to others. I am very good at making presentations and teaching others to make video games.

In my current job im the lead programmer of the game development area and i'm responsable of the development of the game engine, gameplay, tools, and maintenance of my own framework. Also i do game design when is necessary.

Some of my skills in video game development:
-XNA Game Studio (Silerlight, Windows Phone 7, Xbox360 and PC)
-Adobe Flash
-Mono Touch with Mono Develop
-DirectX, OpenGL, GLSL, OpenAL
-GIT and SVN
-C#, C++, Java, AS3, Javascript
-Game Development
-Game Engines
-Gameplay Programming
-Tools Development
-Game Design

Game Development experience in this game platforms:
-iOS (iPhone, iPad)
-Windows Phone 7 and XBOX360
-Web Browsers (Flash and Silverlight)

I am well aware of the levels of optimization that is necessary for the development of a game especially for mobile games and consoles.

game design
game development
project management
quality assurance


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