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Charlotte Woolley

A graduate of the university of newport, wales, where I specialised in film, specifically producing and editing, however my passion for games - I found - is stronger than that of films. I am a games tester by trade and also write for a website for the rest of my waking life. I love games, nuff said.

I have taken part in all 3 global game jams, as well as 6 consective 48 hour contests -LudumDare
under the name cptalbertwesker where I attempt to specialise in the humour category.

I do a bit of this and that, I have no real specialisations. I can code very basically in gml, and use Game Maker for all 48 hour contests due to its ease.

However I also love making sound effects and music (with my voice)
I do occasionally come up with some cute ideas, and my 2D art is passable-ish.

2d art
game design
game development
project management
quality assurance
story and narrative


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