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I was born into a family of artists and grew up in a magical place - a small bohemian island near the North of Venezuela. Although Venezuela is now infamous for violence and Hugo Chavez - my childhood was peaceful and I often romanticize about it. I have many fond memories of my grandfather who was truly an artistic genius - he always encouraged my art - even when I dropped out of high school. 

Fortunately, my grandfather lived to see me learn computer graphics and I blew his mind by creating digital art - something so alien to him that for the first time, I earned his envy. I eventually found my niche far from the world of video games. I have spent the past ten years creating video games for big names like Namco and Disney and last year I finally grew tired of working for the man, so I did the craziest thing ever - I started an indie game studio called Game Species. Our first game is a social game called "My Neighbor the Zombie: Attack of the Kleptomaniacs" where you send zombie armies into your friend's home to steal their valuables. 

Throughout my life, I have also served as a freelance artist in a multitude of capacities to friends, NGOs, small businesses, start-ups, etc, doing everything and anything from logo design to concept art to storyboarding to game illustration. I've even found that I have skills in FX makeup and airbrush painting, and sculpture.

I find freelance work refreshing, as it allows me to explore the full range of my artistic abilities. I'm always up for a new challenge and I'm very efficient - I can finish an entire scene in a few hours with my tablet.

2d art
3d art
game design
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