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Deodato Pechir Rabago

I'm a “Technical (3D) Artist”, with good understanding and skills to work in the Full Process and Pipeline to create "Videogames (Console/ Mobile)" and "Visual effects (TV/Films)", My main skills include Modeling-Texturing (Environments), Look Development (Lighting/Shading) and Scripting (Tools/Gameplay) for games.



  • A thorough understanding of game development pipelines from concept to publish it, as well create Pipelines (Manage Projects) and Tools (Autodesk Maya) to increase productions in a group of Artist in the videogame process.

  • Experience to Management and administration in the entire pipeline and process to create games from Concept to publishing.

  • Advanced Skills to Research & Development: Tools & new Technologies to increase the productions.

  • Completely  experience training “Artist & Technical Artist” from: modeling, texturing, rigging, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing, particle effects, implementations, light mapping, Scripting for Gameplay/AI, tools and more. Currently I have developed tons of video tutorials, manuals, files and examples, all this for training equipment immediately, including organized training times.
  • I adapt very easily to different pipelines and come up with ways of making it better.
  • I effectively collaborate with Game Designers, Artists & programmers to ensure that the technical art solutions are serving the project needs.
  • Excellent problem solving skills expert knowledge of Autodesk Maya, Adobe PhotoShop, Zrush/MudBox & 3D Videogame Engines (CryEngine - UDK Engine – Unity3D Engine – Shiva Engine) and the entire game process to produce a videogames in the next areas: 

    • 3D Content: Modeling (LowPoly, HighPoly), Budgets, UV’s/Texel Density, Texturing, Light Maps, Look Development (Shaders & Lighting), Rigging/Skinning, Particle Systems, Post Process Effects/Camera Effects.
    • Scripting: For Gameplay + AI in Unity3D with JavaScript & C# languages, Gameplay UDK  with C++, Ureal Kismet.
    • Tools: To increase the Pipeline & workflow for 3D Artist ( Maya: MelScript/Python/PyQT, Unity3D: JS/C#).
    • Performance: Polygon Modeling Budget, Texel Density, Texture Memory, Shaders, LightMaps & Scripting Gameplay
    • Project Management: Administration from scratch to polish videogame in the hole production phases.
3d art
game design
game development
project management
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