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Imagine Cup

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition, that invites all eligible students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution for a wide variety of contests that focus on innovation, games, or world citizenship.  Winners win cash and travel, including a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, and up to $50,000 (USD).


Ten years ago, Microsoft introduced the world to Xbox LIVE, defined at the time as "the first comprehensive, online game arena fully dedicated to fast-action broadband gaming experiences." Since then Xbox LIVE has evolved to become Microsoft’s premier entertainment service for the TV, phone, PC and tablet. The Microsoft Studios University Program actively recruits undergraduate and graduate talent across multiple disciplines for roles in the US Pacific Northwest, British Columbia/Canada, and locations in the United Kingdom and Europe.  We actively seek qualified interns and college graduates for the following roles: Developer, Test, Producer/Program Manager, Artist/Animator, UX/Game Designer, User Research, Analytics/Business Intelligence, Production Design, Motion Graphics/Video Editing, Audio/Sound Design, Music Composition, and VO specialists.

About Xbox

Xbox is Microsoft’s premier entertainment service for the TV, phone, PC and tablet. It’s home to the best and broadest games, as well as one of the world’s largest libraries of music, movies, TV and sports. With Kinect, Xbox 360 transformed gaming and entertainment in the living room with a whole new way to play games and find entertainment — no controller required. More information about Xbox can be found online at http://www.xbox.com 






Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Games, of course, are a big part of this. Facebook.com reached more than 250 million monthly active users, and the user base also grew across top social mobile apps on iOS and Android. As the longest standing and largest app category on Facebook, we continued to build game-specific infrastructure to support a growing and diverse games ecosystem on both Facebook.com and mobile. More than 200,000 iOS and Android apps are integrated with Facebook, including more than 45% of the top 400 grossing iOS apps.

U.S. offices include: Atlanta; Austin; Detroit; Chicago; Dallas; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Seattle; Washington, DC; Prineville, Oregon.

International offices include: Amsterdam; Auckland; Brussels; Buenos Aires; Dubai; Dublin; Hamburg; Hong Kong; Hyderabad; London; Madrid; Melbourne; Mexico City; Milan; Paris; Selangor; Sao Paulo; Singapore; Stockholm; Sydney; Tokyo; Toronto; Warsaw.


Mixamo is an innovative online 3D character animation service for 3D professionals. 

By leveraging cutting-edge research directly from Stanford University, stellar web engineers and a top notch in-house animation team, Mixamo aims to truly evolve and democratize character animation making it ten times faster, more cost effective and accessible. 

Mixamo technology enables both new and seasoned 3D professionals in the video game, virtual world, 3D design/architecture, and virtual goods markets to create the highest-quality character motion possible in a matter of seconds using director level controls.

Follow us on Twitter @mixamo

or check out our Blog at http://blog.mixamo.com!


Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only IaaS solution specifically built to power today’s most user-intensive web and mobile applications. Joyent’s cloud infrastructure solution delivers a multiplier effect of 2X the performance and up to 50% lower cost, fundamentally changing the economics of cloud computing. 

Joyent delivers high performance public cloud services to some of the most innovative companies in the world, including LinkedIn, Gilt Groupe ModCloth, Voxer and Victorias Secret, and licenses the software that runs its public cloud to enterprises wishing to operate their own private or hybrid clouds. Joyent is also home to Node.js, the rapidly and widely embraced server-side JavaScript development environment, and provides the most robust performance tuning and debugging tools for Node based applications.

A global ecosystem of leading technology partners joins Joyent in enabling customers to fully leverage the bare-metal performance, 100% resiliency and 2x security inherent in the company’s cloud solutions.

Joyent is based in San Francisco and operates high performance data centers around the world. 





Corona Labs

Corona Labs makes Corona SDK, a cross-platform mobile development framework. With Corona, you can make rich, interactive games and apps for iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK in a fraction of the time. Over 200,000 developers worldwide have used Corona, ranging from independent developers to large studios like Electronic Arts. Check out the Intro to Corona tech talk.


Crytek GmbH is an independent company at the forefront of the interactive entertainment industry. Its headquarters are based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, with additional studios in Kiev (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China), and Nottingham (United Kingdom). Crytek’s corporate vision is Envision, Enable, Achieve. Since its establishment, Crytek has built and maintained successful collaborations with technology, development, tool, and publishing partners, with which they collaborate on a daily basis.

Crytek is dedicated to creating exceptionally high-quality videogames for the PC and next-generation consoles, powered by its cutting-edge 3D game technology CryENGINE®. It is not only used throughout the gaming industry, but also for several serious applications in fields such as architecture, training and simulation, and learning and development. In October 2009, Crytek launched the third version of CryENGINE® – the first game development platform for Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, MMO, and DX9/DX10/DX11 – that is truly next-gen ready. Aside from classic hits Far Cry and Crysis, Cryktek has also developed Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2, Fibble (their first game for mobile devices), and upcoming Warface: Crytek’s first online free-to-play FPS with high-quality design, constantly updated multiplayer universe, and new business model which mark a major milestone in the studio’s history. The latest installment of the multi-award winning FPS Crysis series, Crysis 3, is planned for release in spring 2013.

Games Newswire

GamesNewswire is a press releases and asset distribution service for game developers and publishers interested in getting their news into the hands of influencers. With the number of influencers growing rapidly, access to the media, bloggers and opinion leaders has never been so important. GamesNewswire offers access to the community you want to reach with your news and information.



GitHub is version control for software development and so much more. Whether it's a weekend side project, your favorite open source library, a startup destined for glory, or your company's app, GitHub helps everyone work together with tools for easier collaboration and more visibility. Check it out — open source is free!


About Highwinds GDN™ (Game Delivery Network)

The Highwinds GDN was created to address the unique challenges of delivering online games to players around the world. It brings together delivery experts, advances in technology and industry partnerships to create the ultimate platform for delivering games while providing faster downloads, lower delivery costs, fewer abandonments, an integrated download manager and real-time analytics.

The GDN includes content delivery network (CDN) services that have been optimized for game delivery, and integrated products and services.







Application Developers

The Application Developers Alliance is an industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs.


Created in 2005 by Founder & Managing Partner Jeff Hilbert and President Joe Minton, Digital Development Management (DDM) is the leading business and talent agency for video games and digital entertainment. DDM operates three divisions dedicated to servicing development studios and the industry at large across all platforms of connected entertainment. These include Game Industry Services, Game Production Services, and DDM’s Game Studio Representation group, which manages a roster of high caliber, best-in-class studios worldwide. DDM services clients via US-based offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and its headquarters in Northampton, MA, as well as internationally via offices in Osaka, Japan; Stockholm, Sweden; and Manchester, England.


Dolby Gets You in the Game

Dolby® surround sound puts gamers right in the middle of the action, providing a competitive advantage and making the experience more exciting and real.  Featured in today’s top games, Dolby technologies enhance the impact of the dazzling graphics with striking surround sound that makes players feel as if they are actually inside the game.


eRubbermaid is an online distributor of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, a pioneer in innovative cleaning, waste and material handling products. While commercial products may be our business on the surface, eRubbermaid.com is fundamentally a tech company providing the link between manufacturing and end-users in a convenient online platform. As part of the vision of the company's founders, eRubbermaid is dedicated to contributing 5% of overall profits to sponsoring various organizations and events in the technical and creative fields. 


Mozilla Corporation

Invent the next generation of open web games...We're excited to announce the launch of the Mozilla Game On competition! Game developers from around the world are invited to re-imagine the web as an open game platform and create some awesome new web based games across three main categories for the chance to win cool prizes including an all expense paid trip to GDC, the chance to have your game published by Chillingo and featured in Mozilla Marketplace, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, igda and ukie annual memberships, tons of Mozilla swag and so much more! 


Attend or host a game jam and start working on your ideas! All games must be submitted by February 24th, 2013 and the winners will be selected by our panel of expert industry judges including Jenova Chen (thatgamecompany), Alice Taylor (Makie Lab), Zuraida Buter (Global Game Jam), Michael John (EA), Jessica Rovello (Arkadium), Phil Fish (FEZ), Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra) and many more, by early March 2013. 


Excited? Good! Ready to start jamming? Check out the website for details about participating in the competition, attending or hosting game jams and much more. 

Questions? Contact gameon@mozilla.com or follow @mozgames. Game On!  


NYU Steinhardt M.S. in Games for Learning 

Where fun has serious impact! This new master’s degree, the first of its kind in the nation, prepares you to create, use, and evaluate digital games for the purpose of learning in formal and informal settings. Study in New York City with internationally renowned faculty in both instructional design and the learning sciences. Choose from areas of study including game design, game development, and game research. Study full or part time. Benefit from exposure to and participation in the Games for Learning Institute. Prepare for a career as director of games for learning projects, learning game designer, game researcher, or program evaluator in private industry, university-based research centers, community agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and school systems. Learn more at www.steinhardt.nyu.edu/g4l-2013


Ubiquitous Entertainment

Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc. ("UEI") is a multinational software development and social gaming company at the cutting edge of web technology.  UEI focuses on creating supreme experiences in entertainment and education, while striving to make programming accessible to all of us.  

Their work includes open sourse HTML5 + JavaScript environment based game engine "enchant.js"(http://www.enchantjs.com/), developed and released in April 17, 2011.  Currently, it is released under MIT/GPL dual license as a game engine which operates on cross platforms such as PC/Mac and Android/iPhone.  Other than the program itself, enchant.js also provides graphics and sound files which may be used in game development.

Originally developed for 9leap (http://9leap.net/), enchant.js is now the most widely used HTML5 game engine in the world (Source: UEI, November 2012). 

enchant.js has received high praise in various fields, and was awarded the 2012 Network Award at CEDEC 2012, hosted by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), as well as adopted as "Innovative Technologies" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.

enchant.js can be downloaded from http://enchantjs.com/ja/download/.

UEI is headquartered in Japan, UEI has subsidiaries in Tokyo and Los Angeles.



Unreal Engine

Developed by Epic Games, the award-winning Unreal Engine is known for its cutting-edge graphics, best-of-breed toolset and scalability across major platforms. Operating on nine platforms, including PC, consoles and mobile devices, Unreal Engine 3 is designed to accelerate developers’ productivity for creating high-quality games, applications, training simulations, 3D visualizations, digital films and animated entertainment. Powering hundreds of games and integrated with two dozen leading middleware technologies, Unreal Engine 3 holds more than 20 technology awards, including seven Game Developer Front Line Awards and five Develop Industry Excellence Awards. The Unreal Engine also holds a seat in the Front Line Awards Hall of Fame. Epic recently revealed Unreal Engine 4, which offers unprecedented graphical capabilities and workflow improvements that provide unparalleled accessibility for developers building the next generation of games and applications. For additional information, please visit http://www.unrealengine.com.

The Video Game Voters Networ


The Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) is a grassroots organization with a mission focus on the positive impact that video games have in our society and committed to ensuring that video games are fully protected speech under the Constitution. Through legislative outreach, active online forums, and interaction with both new media and mainstream media, this network of more than 300,000 individuals is actively promoting the rights of video game creators and consumers. For more information about the VGVN, please go to, www.VideoGameVoters.org  
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