Videogame Design Days GGJ Genova registered jammers

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Mario Porpora

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Mario Sacchi

Francesco_Rotta's picture
Francesco Rotta

Roxy's picture
Rossella Orlando

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Lorenzo Aliani

theGiallo's picture
Gianluca Alloisio

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Lorenzo Pigozzo

RedPill's picture
Marina Rossi

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Leonardo Amigoni

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Paolo Tajè

kurai's picture
Federico Fasce

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1     game5iv Link
2     marioporpora Mario Porpora 2d art, animation, game design, story and narrative
3     marvin234 Link
4     Mario Sacchi Mario Sacchi game design, game development
5     Francesco_Rotta Francesco Rotta game design
6     Roxy Rossella Orlando 2d art, game design, story and narrative
7     Winkelman Lorenzo Aliani animation, game design, hardware, story and narrative
8     theGiallo Gianluca Alloisio game design, game development, programming Link
9     AleUrustar writing Link
10     lorenzopigozzo Lorenzo Pigozzo audio, game design, game development, music, programming Link
11     RedPill Marina Rossi game design, marketing, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing Link
12     amigoni Leonardo Amigoni 2d art, game design, game development, marketing, programming, project management, quality assurance, writing Link
13     PaoloMonkey Paolo Tajè 2d art, game design, game development, programming Link
14     kurai Federico Fasce 2d art, 3d art, game design, game development Link
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