University of Virginia registered jammers

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Kirk Musngi

mwn3ye's picture
Michael Nye

Naklarnick's picture
Nicholas Lytle

Hunterdew's picture
Hunter Dewing

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Allen Weinstock's picture
Allen Weinstock

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cmbessleyhayes's picture's picture
Richard Li

theNappingKat's picture
Katherine Harris

Raytray's picture
Raymond Tang

mbk6wm's picture
Momin Khan

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Jeff Ward

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1     musngikd Kirk Musngi game design, game development, music, programming
2     mwn3ye Michael Nye game design, game development, programming, story and narrative
3     Naklarnick Nicholas Lytle audio, game design, music, story and narrative, writing
4     Hunterdew Hunter Dewing 2d art, animation, game design, game development, programming, story and narrative, web design, writing
5     AIMILLER 2d art, animation, story and narrative Link
6     benguin
7     Allen Weinstock Allen Weinstock game design, story and narrative, writing
8     aimeson
9     cmbessleyhayes
10 Richard Li
11     theNappingKat Katherine Harris 2d art, 3d art, game design, game development, marketing, programming, project management, story and narrative, web design, writing
12     Raytray Raymond Tang
13     mbk6wm Momin Khan game design, game development, programming, project management
14     zreilly game design, programming
15     fuzzybinary Jeff Ward game design, game development, hardware, programming, project management Link
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