Penn State Behrend registered jammers

nate.deml's picture
Nate Deml

escherbach's picture
Joshua Shaw

jonathan boscaljon

Shadowplayer97's picture
Kit Torrelli

Sinisnalp's picture
Kevin Plansinis

GentlemanCrow's picture
John Chang

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MrBagels1's picture
Dalton Mackey

Martin Seibert's picture
Martin Seibert

DivineInsect's picture
Val Newell

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tsotne gotsiridze

Unorthadox's picture
Robert Hansen

actionvonaction's picture
Michael Weymouth

robbythedude's picture
Rob Steiner

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dmt5235's picture
Dylan M. Taylor

dempsie's picture
Tanner Eck

SirH3nry's picture
Alexander Yochim

Zach Beilstein's picture

knightangel12's picture
Stephen Chalker

mtk5138's picture
Matthew Kenny

Rasnah's picture
Samuel Leland Wheat Jr.

blenderbug's picture
george gotsiridze

srs5483's picture
Shane Shafferman

guitardozer's picture
Gene Nitka

rubixkyoob's picture
Peter Kalmar

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frinuito's picture

Emambwal's picture

fecyjuicemi's picture

goofsmoosse9's picture

matthew.campbell.75873's picture
Matthew Campbell

matthew.m.white's picture
Matthew M. White

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1     nate.deml Nate Deml
2     escherbach Joshua Shaw game design, story and narrative, writing
3     GENERALJONJON jonathan boscaljon
4     Shadowplayer97 Kit Torrelli
5     Sinisnalp Kevin Plansinis game design, game development, programming Link
6     GentlemanCrow John Chang
7     Take_Five
8     MrBagels1 Dalton Mackey 2d art, 3d art, animation, game design, game development, programming, project management, quality assurance
9     Martin Seibert Martin Seibert Link
10     DivineInsect Val Newell
11     feind tsotne gotsiridze 2d art
12     Unorthadox Robert Hansen
13     actionvonaction Michael Weymouth
14     robbythedude Rob Steiner programming, web design Link
15     sej29kn76j
16     dmt5235 Dylan M. Taylor game development, programming, quality assurance, web design
17     dempsie Tanner Eck
18     SirH3nry Alexander Yochim 2d art, game design, game development, hardware, music, programming, story and narrative, web design, writing
19     Zach Beilstein
20     knightangel12 Stephen Chalker Link
21     mtk5138 Matthew Kenny programming
22     Rasnah Samuel Leland Wheat Jr.
23     blenderbug george gotsiridze 3d art, game design Link
24     srs5483 Shane Shafferman
25     guitardozer Gene Nitka
26     rubixkyoob Peter Kalmar
27     valetvalet
28     en7aZexacenny
29     frinuito
30     Emambwal
31     fecyjuicemi
32     goofsmoosse9
33     matthew.campbel... Matthew Campbell game design, game development, programming, project management
34     matthew.m.white Matthew M. White
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