Global Game Jam Morocco registered jammers

Adnanesaber's picture

Mecart's picture

white.leyth's picture
Oussama Agazzoum

Arcifere's picture
Bouassria Reda

hunter_info's picture
Oussama Tengoku

annassi.mehdi's picture

salaheddine basti

tarik12009's picture
Tarik Irhboula

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Mourad bakhali

hakuorosama's picture
Aqejjaj Wassim Kamal

iyiy's picture
Imane Ait idder

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charnet3d's picture
Charaf Errachidi

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yusukemazuko's picture
alaoui youssef

hakuma's picture
abdellah alaoui

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Dr.Zepam's picture
Guendeli Omar

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Arifyassine's picture
Yassine ARIF

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1     Adnanesaber Adnanesaber quality assurance
2     Mecart Zouhair EL MAKKAOUI 2d art, 3d art, animation Link
3     white.leyth Oussama Agazzoum 2d art, 3d art Link
4     Arcifere Bouassria Reda 2d art, animation, audio, music, story and narrative
5     hunter_info Oussama Tengoku
6     annassi.mehdi
7     SALAHEDDINE salaheddine basti 2d art, animation, story and narrative, writing
8     tarik12009 Tarik Irhboula 2d art, animation, programming, story and narrative
9     Mourad Takaji Mourad bakhali
10     hakuorosama Aqejjaj Wassim Kamal 2d art, animation, game design, marketing, writing
11     iyiy Imane Ait idder 2d art, story and narrative, writing
12     a.l.younes a.l.younes programming, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
13     charnet3d Charaf Errachidi game design, game development, programming, project management
15     yusukemazuko alaoui youssef game design, game development, story and narrative, writing
16     hakuma abdellah alaoui 3d art, animation, game design, game development, programming, story and narrative, web design, writing
17     amine.3dsmax 2d art, 3d art, game design, game development
18     Dr.Zepam Guendeli Omar 3d art, game development, programming Link
19     Senior-X 2d art, 3d art, animation, audio, game design, marketing, music, story and narrative, writing
20     Arifyassine Yassine ARIF game design
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