Global Game Jam Leipzig registered jammers

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Florian Koch

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lahr's picture
Daniel Lahr

selberzeichner's picture
André Leischel

Teya_Ji's picture
Lena Oltman

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Robert Wehlitz

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safkasDE's picture
Stefan Kassler

schadnager's picture
Friedrich Hanisch

ReinhardtJana's picture
Jana Reinhardt

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1     grandparises Florian Koch game development, programming
2     RM programming
3     lahr Daniel Lahr audio, marketing, programming, project management, web design, writing Link
4     selberzeichner André Leischel 2d art, animation, programming, web design Link
5     Teya_Ji Lena Oltman 2d art, animation
6     kddekadenz
7     r0b Robert Wehlitz 2d art, game design, music, project management, story and narrative
8     Meneleliar
9     sdhtcDj
10     Grunewald
11     safkasDE Stefan Kassler game design, game development, programming, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative, web design, writing Link
12     schadnager Friedrich Hanisch game development Link
13     ReinhardtJana Jana Reinhardt 2d art, 3d art, animation, game design Link
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