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jorgeluisrocha's picture
Jorge Luís Rocha

marcelo.coimbra.16's picture
Marcelo Coimbra

yuripourre's picture
Yuri Pourre

caxunfaic's picture

rafaelarantesbastos's picture
Rafael Arantes Bastos

setlight's picture
Lucas Rondeau Rodrigues

LadyApollo's picture
Rafael Rodrigues Bringel

kalium's picture
Marcos Thiago Braga Soares

Hagen's picture
Rodrigo Marques Forti

maironxp's picture
Mairon Luz

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1     jorgeluisrocha Jorge Luís Rocha story and narrative, writing Link
2     marcelo.coimbra.16 Marcelo Coimbra 2d art, game design, game development
3     yuripourre Yuri Pourre game development, programming
4     caxunfaic
5     rafaelarantesbastos Rafael Arantes Bastos marketing, music, project management, quality assurance Link
6     setlight Lucas Rondeau Rodrigues 2d art, 3d art, animation, game design, game development, quality assurance
7     LadyApollo Rafael Rodrigues Bringel game design, game development, programming, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing Link
8     kalium Marcos Thiago Braga Soares game design, game development, programming
9     Hagen Rodrigo Marques Forti game development, programming, project management
10     maironxp Mairon Luz 2d art, game design, story and narrative
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