Champlain College of Vermont registered jammers

bwpellett's picture
Boyd Pellett

Anna's picture
Brianna Webb

kevin.wheaton.35's picture
Kevin Wheaton

weihung.cheng's picture
Wei-Hung Cheng

Sardonic Salamander's picture
Scott Barrett

Great_Divine's picture
Kyle Strader

JakTiano's picture
Jak Tiano

The Free Wind's picture
Andrew Joseph Poirier

j.vanwie's picture
John Van Wie

Revocare's picture
Brook Chipman

Jezusnpals's picture
Jacob Alexander Ellenberg

sdlslane's picture
Stephen Lane-Walsh

Doobajoob's picture
Derek Avery

MattStruble's picture
Matthew Struble

Mewilli's picture
Meghan Willis

JackOfDawn's picture
Jack Storm

TomPannone's picture
Tom Pannone

rHacker's picture
Robert Hacker

keyota's picture

Team BrosFTW's picture
Bradley Jones

binaryfruit's picture
David K. Collins

brentpatenaude's picture

hgarnish's picture

NetTheGreat's picture
Nedim Ibrahimkadic

BasicallyNormal's picture
Ryan Leslie

Df458's picture
Hugues Ross

StyrofoamLaser's picture
Cody Carlson

Aquawolf16's picture
Mary Burbridge

slongchp's picture

PepperTitan's picture
Spencer Owen

timothy.raftery's picture
Timothy Raftery

George Sutherland Howard's picture

PlayerOne's picture
Paul Kubik

AlmostPeaceful74's picture

RyanHuggins's picture
Ryan Huggins

darknessbeholder's picture
Timothy Scribner

derjager7's picture
Alex J Woloszynski

Fluzzarn's picture

AnthonyBlake's picture
Anthony Blake

Msurdej's picture

Liznel Piña's picture
Liznel Piña

SahsaEra's picture
Brittany Anderson

DesireeFernandes's picture
Desiree Fernandes

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1     bwpellett Boyd Pellett programming Link
2     Anna Brianna Webb 2d art, animation, music, web design
3     kevin.wheaton.35 Kevin Wheaton game design, game development, project management
4     weihung.cheng Wei-Hung Cheng game design, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
5     Sardonic Salamander Scott Barrett game development
6     Great_Divine Kyle Strader programming
7     JakTiano Jak Tiano 2d art, audio, game design, game development, music, programming, project management Link
8     The Free Wind Andrew Joseph Poirier game design, story and narrative, writing
9     j.vanwie John Van Wie
10     Revocare Brook Chipman 2d art, animation, game design, game development, marketing, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
11     Jezusnpals Jacob Alexander Ellenberg game development
12     sdlslane Stephen Lane-Walsh game development, hardware, programming, project management, web design Link
13     Doobajoob Derek Avery
14     MattStruble Matthew Struble game design, game development, hardware, programming
15     Mewilli Meghan Willis 2d art, story and narrative, writing
16     JackOfDawn Jack Storm programming
17     TomPannone Tom Pannone game design, music, quality assurance
18     rHacker Robert Hacker programming
19     keyota
20     Team BrosFTW Bradley Jones game design, project management, story and narrative, writing
21     binaryfruit David K. Collins game design, music, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
22     brentpatenaude game design, programming, web design
23     hgarnish 2d art, game design, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
24     NetTheGreat Nedim Ibrahimkadic
25     BasicallyNormal Ryan Leslie
26     Df458 Hugues Ross game design, game development, programming
27     StyrofoamLaser Cody Carlson programming
28     Aquawolf16 Mary Burbridge 2d art, 3d art, animation, music
29     slongchp programming, project management
30     PepperTitan Spencer Owen
31     timothy.raftery Timothy Raftery 2d art, game design, game development, music
32     George Sutherla...
33     PlayerOne Paul Kubik programming
34     AlmostPeaceful74
35     RyanHuggins Ryan Huggins 2d art, game design, game development, marketing, programming, project management, quality assurance, writing
36     darknessbeholder Timothy Scribner game design, game development, project management, quality assurance Link
37     derjager7 Alex J Woloszynski game design, quality assurance, story and narrative, writing
38     Fluzzarn
39     AnthonyBlake Anthony Blake game design, game development, hardware, programming
40     Msurdej Matthew
41     Liznel Piña Liznel Piña 2d art, 3d art, animation
42     SahsaEra Brittany Anderson 2d art
43     DesireeFernandes Desiree Fernandes 2d art, 3d art, game development Link
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