The Armory registered jammers

kyedin's picture
Ian Brownson

barlowqodin1's picture
Ben Nelson

CeruleanGames's picture
Dave Calabrese

GameKit's picture
Kit Burgess

MichaelLCroswell's picture
Mike Croswell

hooli's picture
Colin Bussey

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1     kyedin Ian Brownson game design, game development, programming
2     barlowqodin1 Ben Nelson programming, quality assurance
3     CeruleanGames Dave Calabrese 3d art, game design, game development, programming, project management, story and narrative, writing
4     GameKit Kit Burgess game design, game development, programming, project management
5     MichaelLCroswell Mike Croswell audio, game design, game development, music, programming, story and narrative Link
6     hooli Colin Bussey 2d art, 3d art, animation, game design, project management, quality assurance, story and narrative Link
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