[Research] Global Game Jam workshop at DiGRA 2013

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During the 6th Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Conference, The Global Game Jam Research committee will host a workshop on Global Game Jam. The aim of this workshop is to explore research opportunities within Global Game Jam 2014.

Research Committee member Allan Fowler writes:

On Tuesday August 27 at the DiGRA conference in Atlanta GA, we will host a workshop on the Global Game Jam. The objective of this workshop is to promote the discussion forward towards synthesis of methodological knowledge. The outcome will be a greater understanding of the academic and professional research potentials of the GGJ. This information will be available to the Global Game Jam (GGJ) and game development community through the Global Game Jam website.

The workshop will be spent discussing case studies, existing literature, and sharing the experiences of the group. The plan for the DiGRA GGJ workshop is thirty minutes of presentations from key GGJ/Jam organizers which will be followed by an hour participatory workshop where groups brainstorm potential future research opportunities within the GGJ.

The presenters will include; Allan Fowler (Waiariki Institute of Technology), Susan Gold (Global Game Jam Inc.), Giselle Rosman (Melbourne, GGJ), and John Tynes (Microsoft) who will present on the learning and or research potential within a Game Jam. Where possible, the presenters will be available for a short question and answer session if required. After the presentations, there will be a short summary of the GGJ research projects that have been published to date. We will then break into small groups to discuss potential research projects within GGJ 2014.

The intention of this session is to discuss future research opportunities and form potential collaborations to undertake this research. These potential research projects will then be presented and discussed with the workshop participants with an aim to find synergies and obtain constructive and valuable feedback on each proposal. It is the intention of the workshop that these proposals will be then submitted to the GGJ Research Committee. The expectation is that these proposals will be published in leading journals or conference proceedings.

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