GGJ Bigger Picture Diversifier to be shown @ Games for Change Festival 2013

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Submitted by goldfile on Sun, 05/26/2013 - 20:21

 There are thousands of games made each year during the annual event – so many it is impossible to play them all (thank heavens for my grad student Vince who played through this diversifier). This year I was asked by the Games for Change Festival to curate games that highlighted the diversifier, the Bigger Picture, beyond the theme of the jam, jammers were challenged to create games for social good.

Giving, Giving, Gone



What the Frack?


More than 300 Bigger Picture games were created at our 2013 jam. This year the games selected above will be on display in a special arcade at the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival along with games selected from the amazing people at Babycastles and Hide&Seek.

I am really excited to announce that all of the games selected have managed to find funding to attend the festival so besides being a part of the arcade, we will have a session devoted to the jamming process & GGJ at the festival on Tuesday, June 18th. I also have a session about GGJ on Wednesday, June 19th.

I hope you get a chance to ome see these games and more at the Games for Change Festival next month. With less than one month left in registration (regular registration ends June 7), tickets are going fast last year the festival sold out. They will have a Livestream channel going, so I hope everyone gets a chance to share with us in the excitement of the festival.


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