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The Global Game Jam aims to stimulate innovation, experimentation, collaboration and creativity. With our partnerships we look for initiatives that bring the values of GGJ to a broader audience and/or creates opportunities for particpants to connect with their games on a broader scale.

This year Global Game Jam had a partnership with Mozilla Game On, an initiative that challenges game developers to "re-imagine the web as a gaming platform and use the power of the browser to revolutionize the way we make and play games".

Global Game Jam 2013 participants are invited to submit their games that are playable on the web (see for more info below). Deadline is February 24th, 2013 - 23:59 PST.


To give a little more insight in what Mozilla Game On is about we asked Mozilla's Chloe Varelidi a couple of questions about the challenge. You can find the interview below:



What is Mozilla Game On?

Game On is a competition run by Mozilla looking for game prototypes that push the limits of what open web technologies can do. Participants can enter in three different competition categories. Winners chosen by our esteemed panel of judges will receive prizes that include:

  • An all-expense paid, red carpet trip to San Francisco for GDC 2013.
  • The chance to have your game featured in the Firefox Marketplace
  • The opportunity to show your game to the awesome folks at Chillingo for potential publishing on their network


How did the initiative came into being?

Until recently, game development for the Web has been somewhat limited by technology constraints. Moreover, gaming on the web was something that was stuck in your desktop browser. 

Here at Mozilla we believe that we're now at a point where platform capabilities and tools available for game development on the Web are moving rapidly; gaming on the browser can now be 3D, mobile and multiplayer.
All that means the time is right for pushing the platform. To invent new game mechanics, create new story lines, engage diverse audiences and introduce aesthetically challenging content. 

That is how Game On came about - it is our invitation to all of you to re-imagine the web as a gaming platform and use the power of the browser to revolutionize the way we make and play games. 


What is your goal with Mozilla Game On?

Our goal is to showcase examples of what's possible using the web as gaming platform. It's all about pushing boundaries. We're hoping to see people create and submit playable prototypes in three different categories:

  • "Hackable Games" that let players remix game mechanics, fork code or weave assets from the web right into the gameplay.
  • "Multi-Device Games" that use the power of mobile to explore concepts like  asymmetric gaming, alternate reality games, and companion apps. 
  • "Web-Only Games" inspired by web mechanics like sharing links and data,finding clues on the web that help you advance in the game, always-on multi-player and more.


Who should participate?

Anyone! The only one rule is that your game has to run on a browser (any browser) without any plugins. It can be a game that you have been working on for some time, A GAME THAT YOU MADE DURING GGJ :) or one that you put together till February 24th when the competition ends.


Why should they participate?

With Game On we're hoping to not only explore what gaming looks like on the web, but also to create opportunities for game developers to collaborate, create innovative games for diverse audiences, and gain exposure through our networks to reach larger audiences for their work.

The winners of the competition will also travel to GDC2013, receive mentoring from industry rockstars, promotion on the Firefox Marketplace, and exposure to press and the gaming community. 


What kind of projects can they send in?

Any game that loosely falls under one of the competition categories. The game doesn't need to be polished or finished, playable prototypes that show ideas in motion will do.    


How can they submit their GGJ13 games?

Just go to https://gameon.mozilla.org/en-US/ , create a user account and submit your game! 


Anything else you would like to add?

If you have questions or want to get news about the competition send us a tweet @mozgames or tune in our blog for interviews, videos and more https://blog.mozilla.org/gameon/


 For GGJ13 Mozilla sponsored one of the GGJ13 diversifiers: nr. 16: "May the (Web) Force Be with You".  The people from Mozilla are playing through all the submitted games under that diversifier and post their findings and the games on their blog.

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