Global Game Jam 2013 by the numbers

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Submitted by foaad on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 07:06

We had an amazing GGJ 2013! Bigger and better than our previous jams. We received a great reaction to our theme and diversifiers, to our keynote speakers Erin Robinson and Bret Victor, to Adam and Amanda's great "day after" teaser and the wonderful message from the great Sid Meier. All of this is thanks to the hundreds of volunteers from around the world.

The games are available to be downloaded, played and discussed. Here are some interesting numbers about GGJ 2013.

(GGJ Lagos 2013 jammers hard at work)

  • Locations
    • 319 jam sites in 63 countries, 38 US States and 6 Canadian Provinces
    • Number of countries hosting for the first time: 12 (Bolivia, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Latvia, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia and Tunisia)
  • Jammers
    • Total number registered: 16,705
    • Total number credited in at least one project: 11,474
  • Games
Number of contributors Number of games
2 or more 2,394
4 or more 1,543
6 or more 588
8 or more 167
10 or more 43




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