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Submitted by zuraida on Sun, 01/27/2013 - 11:58

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At the time of writing the timezones that started first have already finished the 5th anniversary edition of the Global Game Jam and uploaded the games. Hawaii is the last to finish and will do so around 14 hours from now.

At 4AM GMT (0) on Saturday 26th of January, about 14000 jammers around the world were simultaneously jamming, tweeting, livestreaming, chatting, animating, laughing, eating, listening to music and... creating!

There is so much content out there with screenshots, photos and videos from prototypes, art, programming, playtests and people being silly. Much of it is shared via twitter, so do check out the Global Game Jam twitter stream and the #ggj13 hashtag.

Did you know there are already about 21k tweets shared about Global Game Jam since November? Check out more stats via the Global Game Jam Epilogger page.

We are regularly updating our Facebook page with news and links: The jam truly is a global effort from organizers filled with creativity, which this photo album with GGJ13 posters also shows.

 A couple of highlights:





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