Call for Video Greetings for GGJ14

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Submitted by gorm on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 13:10

The Game Jam is the perfect opportunity to record a video greeting for next year. Everyone are super hyped and gathered together.


We are looking for 3 different kinds of videos.

1. A greeting from your location, ie. “Hello from Global Game Jam Lima!”

2. Individuals answering one of the 2 questions (you decide which). “Global Game Jam [Name of Your Location] is …” or “The best thing about the last 48 hours of the Global Game Jam [Name of your location] was…”.

3. Something freestyle, like the Macedonian or Scottish entry in the GGJ 2013 Video Greeting

Some pointers (to make it easier for the video editor person that stitches all videos together:

  • Don’t add your own music under the video (it makes the job harder for the video editor person to unify all videos)
  • Don’t hardcode subtitles (subtitles will be added in different languages later)
  • Don’t hardcode flags or other objects in the video (marking country will be done by editor)
  • Name your videofile with: GGJ nr, location, country. For example
  • Please speak in your language
  • Add a text file with the same name as your file, except it should end in .txt, and containing the english translation of what you are saying.


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Submitted by mikeAlebrije on Sat, 01/26/2013 - 17:34

Is this to be added for  something dor this GGJ or will it be dor GGJ14 ?... People are working so hard, they will like to make the video saturday at 7pm... 



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