Global Game Jam™ Set To Break Its Own Record

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Global Game Jam™ Set To Break Its Own Record 
On January 25-27 Over 300 locations & Thousands of Developers Will Jam!

SAN LUIS OBISBO, Calif. - January 22, 2013 - Global Game Jam, Inc.™(GGJ) announced that it expects to break its own record with next weekend’s 5th annual game jam. Worldwide, over 300 locations are getting ready in 60 countries to gather tens of thousands of participants who will take part in the 48-hour long game creation marathon taking place January 25−27, 2013.

Many new countries and locations have joined the jam this year, from all around the globe, as the event continues to grow in popularity amongst designers, programmers and developers. The tremendous variety of talented participants breeds innovation, while the theme and variety of diversifiers will generate even greater experimentation within the game creation landscape. GGJ continues to be a proven incubator for creating connections between game industry professionals, educational institutes and related fields, and vibrant game development communities worldwide.

Beginning in New Zealand on Friday, Jan 25th at 5pm local time, the jam will work it way around the world beginning at all time zones as they hit 5pm local time. The GGJ runs for 48-hours in each time zone and ends with the Hawaii jam at 5pm Sunday, Jan 27th. 

This year, the GGJ presents two great design professionals, Erin Robinson and Bret Victor, as this year’s keynote. Afterwards, local organizers will announce the secret theme to all participants kicking off a weekend where developers will create thousands of digital and analog games. New additions to the theme this year include the option to promote OpenSource OpenWeb games with support from the Mozilla Foundation, and a call to support positive social impact amongst designers who want to tackle and solve real-world problems through their creative work.

“This is our fifth year and GGJ continues to amaze me in all aspects,” said Susan Gold, president and one of the founders of the event. “The idea that so many countries can come together under one theme shows the amazing power that video games have to unite the world.”

About Global Game Jam

The GGJ is the annual event of Global Game Jam™, Inc. GGJ brings together talented individuals and teams from around the globe and rallies them around a central theme, for which they have 48 hours to create their game. Collaboration, Experimentation & Innovation. For more information on the Global Game Jam™, including a database of downloadable games, photos and video from previous events and more, visit: Twitter: #ggj13


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