GGJ Director Elonka Dunin interviewed on Podcacher

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Submitted by Elonka on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 07:27

The Global Game Jam encourages all kinds of games: Computer, console, smartphone, boardgames, card games, and pretty much everything else too, including geocaches! 

This week Elonka Dunin, one of the Global Game Jam Directors, and an avid geocacher herself, is interviewed on the largest geocaching podcast in the world, Podcacher. Geocaching is a rapidly growing worldwide game which started in May 2000. There are currently nearly two million geocaches hidden around the world, and five million people playing the game, hiding and finding these caches.

In this interview, Elonka explains to the geocaching community what a game jam is, how jam sites can potentially be organized, and how geocachers may want to join game jams to create complex geocaches such as multi-caches and digital GPS adventures known as Wherigos.

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