Global Game Jam™ Welcomes Mixamo Sponsorship

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - December 20, 2012 - Global Game Jam Inc.™ (GGJ) announced that character creation and animation innovator Mixamo will be a sponsor of the upcoming Global Game Jam 2013. Mixamo will support GGJ13 participants by enabling them to leverage the company’s massive collection of animation services and assets. 

Through this sponsorship, Global Game Jam participants will be offered credits to get access to an extensive online platform that will enable them to quickly and painlessly create, rig and animate 3D characters. Using Mixamo will save participants hours of work and will enable them to focus on innovative game design, teamwork, and project development. Only members of registered GGJ teams will be given access to these valuable resources.

"The 2013 Global Game Jam gives us the opportunity to support game development and emerging talent as they work to develop innovative games around a common theme,” said Stefano Corazza, Mixamo co-founder and CEO. “Like Mixamo, the Global Game Jam is about promoting the game development community, its creativity, artistry and sense of innovation. We are very proud to be a sponsor this year, and to offer a massive amount of Mixamo credits providing participants with a huge shortcut, saving them valuable time and effort.”

"There is so much to do in an event like the Global Game Jam, we have always looked for new tools that can enable GGJ participants to expedite their development," said Susan Gold, president of the Global Game Jam. "We now have a set of incredible art tools that will help round out the development efforts of our attendees and result in even more polished games."

Mixamo offers an online platform with support for a vast array of 3D software and engines from Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya to the Unreal Engine (UDK), Blender, modo, Houdini, Cinema4D and more. Mixamo also seamlessly integrates with the Unity engine through its animation store plugin as well as with 3ds Max 2013 via the Autodesk Animation Store, saving developers hours of work in the incredibly short timeframe they have during an event like the Global Game Jam.

Instructions on how to get Mixamo access will be sent to local site organizers and a tutorial video will be available online

About Global Game Jam

The GGJ is the annual event of Global Game Jam™, Inc. GGJ brings together talented individuals and teams from around the globe and rallies them around a central theme, for which they have 48 hours to create their game, under the mantra of Collaboration, Experimentation & Innovation. For more information on the Global Game Jam™, including a database of downloadable games, photos and video from previous events and more, visit: . Twitter: #ggj13

About Mixamo

With its ever-growing collection of thousands of AAA quality motions, its revolutionary auto-rigging technology and 3D character modeling platform, Mixamo is the world's leader in the democratization of animation. Turning what used to be a costly and time-consuming process into an accessible, affordable, quick and easy experience, Mixamo is simple: Create, rig, and animate in a matter of seconds. For more information, visit and follow @mixamo on Twitter.


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