GGJ 2013 Call for DJs

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Submitted by gorm on Sun, 12/09/2012 - 21:21

The Global Game Jam is proud to announce GGJ Radio. GGJ Radio will be streaming from the Global Game Jam servers and anyone who wants to listen can do so.

GGJ Radio will go online when the Global Game Jam starts at 5 PM in New Zealand, and will turn off when the last location finishes in the western Americas.

We are now looking for DJs from all locations to man the radio, play some good tracks and report live from their sites. Please email to tell us a little about your idea and book a time slot. We have 72 time slots, so there should be plenty to go around! Also, please feel free to send technical questions the same way.

The only limitation on what can be aired is that the site has to have a license for any music broadcast on GGJ Radio. Also, note that you are welcome to use the airtime to promote sponsors local to your site.

We really hope that you would like to participate in this idea, and help build that global bridge between our communities.

GGJ Radio is happening thanks to Robb Beggs, who is a long time friend of the Global Game Jam and an experienced radio operator.

We will be sending out more announcements on where to listen to the radio, download the dj’ing software, etc., as we get closer to the event.

Please get back to us asap, if you are interested,
The Global Game Jam team

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