Jammer registration is officially open!

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Submitted by foaad on Wed, 11/21/2012 - 06:05

Almost 160 sites are now online for GGJ 2013, and it's time to open registration for participants. Jammers can now register for their favorite jam sites on globalgamejam.org. This is done by editing your user account page, and choosing the right jam location from the pull down menu called "Jam Site 2013".

Also, if you are visiting any approved 2013 jam site page, you should see a small block on the right column that has information about current jammers and a link to register for the site. Every jam site now has a /jammers page that shows everyone currently registered online. It looks like Staffs Uni Games Academy already has quite a few people registered!

If your jam site isn't yet on the list, it means the application has not been submitted, or it is still being processed, or it has been designated as "closed". Please find your regional coordinator and ask them about it. You may also consider starting your own jam site in your location.

Please note that your registration on this site is mandatory to participate in GGJ 2013, but you also have to register locally with your site organizer. The site organizers are welcome to use our system, but they don't have to. It all depends on what your local jam site's process is. Please read the notes on the jam site page or contact the site organizer to find out what else you may have to do to be officially registered.

Any questions? Leave us a message or contact us!

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