GameMaker:HTML5 for GGJ12 participants

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Submitted by zuraida on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 23:54

The GGJ Directors are excited to announce [[http:// | YoYo Games]] as one of the sponsors of GGJ 2012, along with [[ | Windows Phone]], [[ | Autodesk]], [[ | Gaming Academy]], [[ | Indie City]], and [[ | Brass Monkey]].

YoYo Games offers -all- participants around the world, coupon codes for 'a free (2month) time-limited copy of (fully functional) GameMaker:HTML5' to help participants with game jamming. They also offer a 50% discount on GameMaker:Studio when it is launched later this year.

GameMaker has proven very useful in the past years to introduce people to gamemaking and we are very happy YoYo Games gives the participants the opportunity to work with their HTML5 software.

Participants interested in using the GameMaker:HTML5 software will have to check with their [[ | local organizer]] for coupon codes (which can [[ | be entered here]]) and stay tuned for other freebies and promotions that may be offered at their local event.

See for more info, promotions & tools like [[ | Unity]] and GameMaker, the GGJ Promotions page:

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