The Global Game Jam Welcomes Rhode Island, Yukon and Panama!

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Submitted by foaad on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 18:41

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Every year, the GGJ family grows as we sign up Jam Sites in new regions participating for the very first time. For GGJ 2012, we welcome first timer sites in Panama, Rhode Island and Yukon.

The [[ | Comunicación Visual training Center]] will be participating in 2012. It has been approved as the first GGJ site in the country of '''Panama'''.

Although GGJ sites in the United States make up roughly one third of all sites, there are more than a dozen States that have never participated. That list no longer includes '''Rhode Island'''. We now have [[ | New England Institute of Technology]] as the first GGJ site in that State.

Finally, we are proud to have signed up [[ | GGJ Dawson in Yukon]] which has become the '''first Canadian Territory''' to be represented at the GGJ. Considering the entire population of the Territory is about the size of The Ohio State University, we are luck to have participation in what must be a very cold time of the year there!

At the moment we have 128 Jam sites ([[ | the count]] has probably changed already) and we are well on our way to breaking our own participation record from GGJ 2011. We will continue to take applications through December, so please [[ | apply now]]!

Good luck to all our new and old friends. Looking forward to a glorious GGJ 2012!

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