Global Game Jam 2012 Call for Research Projects

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In the framework of the Global Game Jam 2012, we are inviting all interested applicants to submit a research project.

Global Game Jam, largest game jam in the world, annually gathers professionals, students and hobbyists from over 44 countries worldwide with the goal of developing games over a weekend.
The organizers believe this presents a unique opportunity for researchers interested in questions such as, but not limited to:

• Global trends in game development, as exemplified by GGJ games
• Cross-cultural communication in game jam game development
• Team creation and management in game jam game development
• Project management in game jam game development
• Iterative design and rapid prototyping in the context of a game jam event
• Time-constrained innovation and experimentation: game jams as development event
• Global business perspectives of the Global Game Jam
• Personal motivation and challenges for involvement in game development / game jams

We hereby invite scholars in any field who wish to address research questions through the Global Game Jam event to submit a research project application.
There are no specific topics, methodologies or approaches that are favored, so long as the question can be well addressed through observation of or post-analysis of the GGJ event and outcomes.

• Is the proposal for a project that will add to the total body of knowledge, increase understanding, or improve game design, collaboration, or other academic disciplines?
• What long-term intellectual and/or economic benefits can be derived from it?
• Are project objectives realistic and clearly defined? Will the methodology achieve the desired outcomes? Does the design permit the evaluation of achievement of project goals?
• Is the methodology practical and logical? Have the correct questions been asked?
• Has the applicant shown familiarity with the field; has the appropriate background research been done? Have all the procedures been fully described?
• Are the concepts original and innovative?
• How will the results be disseminated to reach appropriate audiences?

We encourage research projects that can have potential industry outcomes or applications, and we welcome projects that add to understanding of and further development of the cultural and social
importance of the Global Game Jam.

Accepted projects will be integrated into the development and arrangement of the Global Game Jam 2012. Selected research projects will be featured on

Accepted projects will also have the opportunity of using the global network of sites from the early stages of the Global Game Jam organization. The Global Game Jam will also provide letters of support to aid researchers in seeking funding to support the research, and will assist in the distribution and collection of informed consent forms. (Note that acceptance does not include research funding: researchers are required to fund their projects).

===Application Requirements===

Submissions are a project description of up to 3000 word maximum to include:
1. Goals and objectives,
2. Expected outcomes,
3. Relevance for the game industry, academics or profession,
4. A timeline of research activities,
5. A short CV and contact information for each of the investigators.

Please submit the application in PDF attachment directly to


The GGJ expects all proposals to pursue and obtain relevant ethics approvals (such as IRB in the US. Or Ethics board in Canada) from local institutions and to abide by all laws and regulations in their respective countries.


Applications must be submitted no later than '''January 2nd, 2012 at 23:59 Pacific'''. Please note that this is the deadline for being officially affiliated with the GGJ research program. Local institutional deadlines and obligations must be met separately. After review by the Global Game Jam research committee, applicants will receive an answer by January 20, 2012.

===Global Game Jam 2012 Research Committee===

• Ali Arya, Carlton University
• Zuraida Buter, Utrecht School of the Arts / Global Game Jam Director
• Marinka Copier, Utrecht School of the Arts
• Sean Duncan, Miami University
• Foaad Khosmood, California Polytechnic State University / Global Game Jam Director
• Gorm Lai, Kotori Studios / Global Game Jam Director


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