Featured Game from the Shanghai Game Jam - The End is Nigh

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Submitted by gorm on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 18:07

The end of the world has finally come. We have all been judged: righteous people shall be
ascended into heaven and the wicked shall remain to suffer. You are one of the devout, one of the righteous... or so you thought.
In a bitter jealous rage you must prevent your neighbors from floating into heaven. Drag them back down to earth or simply use your gun. If you can't have bliss, why should they?

Location: Shanghai Game Jam @ Shanghai (China)
Credits: Justin Ma, Lingyi Li, Frederico Ferro Schuh, Austin HSU
Platforms: Windows
Link: http://www.shanghaigamejam.com/the-end-is-nigh

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