Game: Zombies! Don't Panic!

"Zombies! Don't Panic" is a single-player isometric action-survival shooter similar in concept to Left 4 Dead. Try not to panic too much. If you panic too much, you're dead. A number of things in-game cause you to panic more. Try to get to the other hospital on the map before you die (and the zombies eat you). Lucky for you, you can shoot them. ------------- Left-Click to move around the map. Press the spacebar to fire to where you're currently pointing. Your health ("Panic Meter") is indicated by the pulsing glow around you and the heartbeat sound. To find the other hospital on the map, go in the general direction indicated by the green arrow around your character. Press the 1~6 keys to change weapons (you have infinite ammo of everything): 1 = Pistol, 2 = SMG, 3 = Shotgun, 4 = Flamethrower, 5 = Rifle, 6 = Bazooka!

Executable or Installer


Windows users will have an executable (in the /release/ folder).

Mac and Linux computers may have to download and install the LÖVE engine separately. For those users, there's a "love" file for the game that can be opened once the LÖVE engine is installed.



Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Made with LÖVE (Lua). Level feel prototyping done in Tiled.


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 23:29
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Michael Kosler
Marley Raney
Maginomicon's picture
Jonathan Williamson


Programmer / Co-Designer ------- Michael Kosler
Producer / Co-Designer / Sound Engineer ------- Jonathan Williamson
Artist ------- Marley Raney
Programmer ------- Nathan Giles
Programmer ------- Niraj Patel
Programmer ------- Anesh Patel

External Attributions can be found in "/release/README.txt"

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