Game: The Witching Meow-er

A Side-Scrolling 2D adventure, where you play as a witch's familiar spirit. But, your witch has been kidnapped! She's summoned you to get the keys to release her, but she can only maintain her concentration for a certain amount of time. Plan your movements carefully, or you'll find yourself back at the beginning! The game is focused more on resource management, strategy and planning than with straight platforming. Each action you perform (jumping, shooting magic, and clawing your enemies) takes one heart to perform. However, you only have a limited number of hearts to make it through the entire game. Part of the challenge is to budget out your hearts accordingly. You need to make it up to the top of the level, walking on the walls and climbing on the ceilings to do so. When you've gotten the key at the top of the tower, you'll have to climb back down on a slightly different route, facing new challenges. HINT: It's always better to defeat an enemy early on, and save up your hearts, rather than face them again later. They're almost always more difficult. The controls are as follows: -Arrow keys to move, -Z to shoot magic, -X to perform a whirlwind attack, -Space to jump.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 19:40

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Luke Berry
Harrison Lavin


Harrison Lavin- Coder, Designer, Bad Art

Luke Berry- Robot, Chandelier, Witch Art

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