Game: Virus Attack

Virus Attack is a side scrolling action game. You are a pill warrior tasked with taking down a virus attacking a heart. you work your way through the body until defending the heart!

Executable or Installer


Current working build!  "A" to move Left and "D" to move right, use the mouse the aim and shoot.  Fire your grapple gun with "E" and grenades with "g".  One thing to note is that Level is 3 is currently broken.  Also if you die you will need to reload the game to restart it.  



Unreal Engine 3


Monday, January 28, 2013 - 20:43
Joseph Solarczyk


Aaron Leaton
Levon Church
Michael Portillo
Michael Osbourne
Michael Brown
Niky Simons
Steven Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez
Jon Morrison
Joe Solarzyck
Tony Trujillo
Damon Hoffman

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