Game: Viricide

Playing as an infectious virus, you must make your way thought perilous streams of blood on your way to the heart. Though the way is not clear, and you must weave through aggressive white blood cells while infecting red cells along the way. Due to web error, the following are game contributors: Paul Bower, Abby Friesen, Dominick DiLoreto, Branden Lewis, Bryan Hossack, Kim Kluss, Craig Doyle, Alex Frank, Ben Crist, Max Nebel, Alex Seidlinger, Alex Gilliland-Lloyd, Robert McMahan.

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Unity (any product)
Adobe CS5, Maya 2013, Garage Band, and Audacity.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 23:37

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Max Nebel
Alex Gilliland-Lloyd
Ben Crist
Kimberly Kluss
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Dominick DiLoreto
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