Game: The Veiny, Triumphant Beast

You play as a friendly parasite named Steve, that lives inside your body. You must help guide Steve through the blood vessels in order to destroy the virus threatening his host. You will have to use timing in order to navigate through the vessels as the heart will push you forward on each beat. Be careful not to bump into the sides as this will cause a bleed. Can you help get Steve to the end before the heart rate gets too high causing your host to die! Use W,A,S,D for navigation. SPACE to fire white blood cells and SPACE again to explode them, after you collect them (small white balls). Turn your volume up high until you can hear the heart beating.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 22:47

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Murray Sinclair
Sean Stephen McCafferty
Gavin Whitehall
Michele Tammaro
Aidan Temple
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