Game: Traffic Crisis 2040

Attempt to stop the city's criminal population fleeing the city by causing traffic jams in this high paced strategy game!

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How to play:

-You can click on any intersection change all the lights to red and stop traffic there. Law abiding citizens will stop and wait until you change it back.

-Criminals will enter the city attempting to escape to another part of it, with police in hot pursuit. 

-Your job is to stall traffic at intersections in order to stop criminals getting through, allowing the police to catch up with them.

-However the traffic of your city needs to continue to run. Any traffic stopped for too long will become angry, and you risk being fired from your job as Traffic Captain.



Mac OS X+

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Unity (any product)


Sunday, February 17, 2013 - 12:57

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Nathaniel Taylor
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Joshua Taylor
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Joel Gatt
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Sam Kayler-Thomson
clickclique's picture
Sean Affleck
theboywhosoured's picture
Trevor Talbot
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Benedict Leong
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Matt Kelly


Matt Kelly - Design/Team Management
Nathaniel Taylor/Joshua Taylor/Benedict Leong/Joel Gatt - Programming
Trevor Talbot/Sam Kayler Thomson - Art and UI
Sean Ae - Sound
Kevin J Powe - Voice

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