Game: Thump! Thump!

you play an omnipotent being, helping this small group of villagers in their quest to gather food, by guiding them through sound. using sound, you hint to the villagers where to go, inspire courage to defend themselves, scare them to avoid an area or chase danger away. villagers will automatically forage at forage spots if close enough, but beware of the poisonous spots end the game by getting back to the village. Controls: Click on a target spot, hold the mouse button until the circle extends enough to cover the villagers, release and press the keyboard commands. AA - COME TO ME (Makes villagers move towards the centre of that sound) BB - STOP MOVING AB - ALERT MODE (Goes to Alert mode - allows them to attack enemies) BA - (Scare both villagers and enemies. But as a penalty, villagers will drop one piece of food. Cannot be controlled while they’re panicked)
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