Game: Tension

A horror maze that will really get your heart going.

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We originally started game development in for the ease of programming. After the first 12 hours we decided it was going to be completely impossible to do so we switched to Game Maker. We stuck with Game Maker until we ran into some sprite errors with the free version. Than we got a code to expand our Game Maker to the pro edition and we kept with it from there! We currently are working on our final build for it. Another note, our programmer who first made the placeholder had their account locked while the GGJ site was down so we had to make a new placeholder to upload the files.


Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 22:09

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Thomas Pannarale
David Wilbur
Ashley Donovan
Cody Fischer


Ashley Donovan - Art

David Wilbur- Design / Sound / Programming

Arafel Fischer- Art

Andrew Raabe- Sound / Design

Thomas Pannarale- Code / Design

Cody Fischer- Code / Design

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