Game: Take my Heart

After he was rejected by his love, he take his heart out to give it to his love one. she saw the scene and ran away. here starts a pursuit , where the objetive of the game is give this precious gift. the player can throw the heart, but by doing that, you lose life points while the time is running. A good strategy and good skills at throwing to win this game.


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Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 23:14


Eduardo Acuña Yeomans
Hiram Ernesto Damian
Joan Manuel Villa Hernandez
Luis Galvez's picture
Luis Eduardo Galvez Gonzalez
Carlos Nuñez's picture
Roberto Carlos Nuñez Lopez
PepeHR's picture
Jose Luis Lopez
Fernando Corral
carrillouriel's picture
Uriel Carrillo


Agradecemos a la Universidad de Sonora por el apoyo para trabajar y personalmente al Profesor Carlos Lizarraga por unir a este grupo de trabajo

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